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At UCSB, we implement the latest technology and provide affordable solutions to solve complex technology problems of small businesses.

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About UCSB

Our mission at UCSB is to offer an IT support service to our clients that is professional, friendly and communicable. Servicing small businesses, we are specialists in IT support and cloud solutions. This specialisation comes from a deep understanding of the demand of the professional and the modern day reliable on technological support in the medical field.
We pride ourselves on being a point of reliance for our in-demand clients, so we can focus on the technology, while they can concentrate on their business. 
We are an Australian based small company that aims to help small business owners by simplifying IT operations and improving the reliability of cloud service.
Our goal at UCSB is to assist small businesses to manage their technology and keep their data protected against the latest security breaches at very little cost. 

Guaranteed IT Solution

We guaranty 100% cloud solutions that work successfully and further suggest possible changes to maximise technology effectiveness for the business.

Low, Flat Costs

We provide cloud solutions at a cost-effective rate that suits each business' budget .

Custom Cloud Solutions

We recommend and provide cloud solutions according to the unique needs of each small business. 

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